Friday, April 23, 2004
Today's episode of "From the desk of..." Is by to you by the G.

Been gone for so long...

OK. First off. Big thanks to the fine FOLKS at JUXTAPOSE for the Full page love showed to the NTF and ENID
in their latest issue. Pure HOTNESS.

Second UP. Everybody please go out and purchase Mr Todd Schorrs latest and greatest Book from the fine folks at --Small blurb follows...

NEW! Dreamland
- by Todd Schorr
Click the cover for a preview.
Dreamland is a collection of Todd Schorr's best work to date. This beautiful hardcover edition joins Anima Mundi and Book of Joe in the rise of the new artistry: from "lowbrow art" beginnings, a new school of fine art has emerged. Todd Schorr's formative years were spent surrounded by the atomic and space ages; by Saturday morning cartoons and racks of comic books; by Revell models, Mad Magazine, Testors glue, Mickey Mouse, and Rat Fink. The compulsion to replicate these images led to a formal art education and exposure to a new set of influences drawn from the world of advertising and commercial art.

And until the Bunny Duck lands. All be well and have great weekend.

G. out !

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