Tuesday, December 28, 2004
Feliz Navidad all you NTF fans.

Please find images of a printed gift we received from our good pals at FLAUNT magazine. ( Hello Jocelyn..)

Again, thank you all that have ordered the Sympathy Girl from all the rad vendors that stock it. The NTF warehouse is down to a few so get yours ASAP.

NOTE: if you are retailer please send us a note to get your restocks promptly!
( green eyes Japan edition 500 made SOLD OUT blue eyes 500 USA record store edition just a few to be found here and there...)

Bunny Duck is leaving CHINA so if you are collecting NTF goods, get caught up and ready because 2005 will be the year NTF puts a hurting in your wallets ! FAFI is next then the Camille girls !

You all be well, happy wishes and best NEW YEARS to all !

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