Friday, December 16, 2005

okay okay okay, !!
the interest has been overwhelming, the constant chatter has been deafening and the wait has been excruciating !! well, children of the vinyl revolution the time has come to beat your plowshares into coinage and the time has arrived to go forth unto this land, this wonderous land and buy the camille rose garcia dolls...patch, lulu, cherry girl and everyones favourite two-headed three-legged troublemaker, katie and sadie...BUY THEM ALL !! BUY THEM SOON !!
the word on uneasy street is that they will sell out quickly !!
they arrived today at the necessaries toy foundation hollywood warehouse and they will be shipping early next week to the distribuors and will hopefully be available in a discerning shop near you soon for purchase for yourself as well as all your deserving friends...


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